Sunday, November 7, 2010

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Hey, do you know that we have sister site that co-exist with site?


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Friday, November 5, 2010

3rd Year

We are celebrating the 3rd anniversaries of Interceptors! But well as u can c, we dried up aka dead of activities.

Not sure if u still reading this, but im glad that u still stays with us ^^

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Sunday, September 12, 2010


Re-open! xD expect updates from us, as we are now in a new server!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

RO2 scrapped

and rebooted.Look here.

and it appears RO1 has an actual storyline! it has some connection with the manhwa and that the new RO2 is a sequel to it. Read here.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Interceptors : The Beginning of the Guild - Episode 9

Wolf couldn’t believe his ears. He was shocked at his master’s words, he felt his senses going numb. Seeing this, Lancelot took the chance and hurled Wolf into the wall.
“THAT’S RIGHT! I work for GM!” Lancelot continued “But you! You had to go against him! So, now you prove too useless for us! Too worthless for us!” Lancelot taunted.
“And what do we do with useless garbage?” Lancelot calmly asked as he walked towards Wolf “WE DESTORY THEM!!”
Lancelot grabbed and punched him. Like a ragdoll, Wolf fell down on the floor.
“And after you’re done, we can slowly cut up the rest! AND TRINITY CROSS WILL BE NO MORE!”
Lancelot brought up his sword and stabbed Wolf on the leg.
“Gahh!” Wolf groaned in pain.
Wolf regained his senses and his tears started to swell in his eyes. However it was not because of the pain in his leg but the pain in his heart. With hands shaken by emotion, Wolf grabbed Lancelot by the wrist.
“ were always like a father to me….to us…WHAT ARE WE TO YOU?!” Wolf questioned through his sobs.
“NOTHING!” Lancelot instantly replied and pulled his sword out. “HAHAHA! Look at that face of yours. It’s so priceless. So full of mixed feelings. It’s so amusing HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Lancelot insanely laughed.

Wolf wished that this was all a dream but the warmth of the blood oozing out of his leg is telling him it wasn’t. By each second, his laughter grow louder and louder. Wolf covered his ear in attempt to muffle out the sound. However the harder he tried, the louder his laughter echoed through his ears.
“AHAHAHAHA! Look up and show me that face of yours again!” Lancelot taunted again.

“AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” Wolf suddenly shouted at the top of his lungs.
He reached out for his sword stabbed Lancelot and kicked him away. Dazed by the lost of blood, Lancelot tumbled down on the floor. Wolf then started stabbing away at him.
He stab and stab and stab.
Wolf then grabbed Lancelot and slammed him against the wall.
“AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Wolf continued to shout as he now started hacking and slashing away.


She was suddenly alerted by a faint, disembodied sound.
“Did you hear that?” Flame asked.
“Hear what?” he asked back.
Without hesitation, Flame blasted open the gates and ran into the building.
“Wait! Sir Lancelot told us not to interrupt!” Eight shouted
But it was too late. Flame already was out of sight. Seeing that there was no other choice, Eight ran after her.

Upon reaching the basement, they were greeted by the sights of the blood stained room and in the center of the room, Wolf was hacking and slashing at a body. It was so sliced up that it was beyond recognition. Then it dawned to them. It was Sir Lancelot.

“Oh my Odin! What have you done?” Eight asked
Wolf grabbed Lancelot by the hair and showed his mutilated face to them “Look this man! Look at him! He…HE BETRAYED OUR TRUST!!! HE BETRAY US! You, me, everyone!!!!”
He stabbed him again and threw his lifeless body to the ground.
“What….What do you mean?” Eight stammered.“I thought he said--”
At this point, Wolf had lost much of his sanity. He continued laughing out loud like a madman.
Eight disturbed by what he just heard, fell to his knees. Immersed in his own thoughts, he muttered to himself “……I though he...he said…..”

Flame paced towards Wolf and slapped him to his senses.
“Lancelot…He loved you.” Flame said with a stern expression on her face.

Wolf scowled at her claim “Shut up woman! You don't know anything!!”
Wolf pushed Flame away and held his sword up to slash at the corpse again.
“I do know!” cried Flame as she simultaneously turned held him from behind.
“GET OFF ME!“ Wolf demanded.
“All this was only a test!” Flame interrupted “Lancelot knew that you were going to be easy on him…that he…did what he did” Flame explained solemnly.
“SHUT UP!” he ordered as he pulled Flame off of him. He then grabbed her by the collar and lifted her off her feet and pointed his sword at the bloody corpse.
“THAT BASTARD NEEDS NO PITY!” Wolf exclaimed and threw her aside.

Wolf turned to the corpse again when Flame blasted him from behind. The impact blew Wolf away and he slammed against the wall. Flame then immediately threw another fireball at the ceiling directly above Wolf and it went crashing down him. In the pile of debris, Wolf lied unconsciously.

“Sorry Wolf. There was no other choice.” Flame apologized.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Interceptors : The Beginning of the Guild - Episode 8

Eight led Wolf to a somewhat abandoned building near the cemetery. At the gates of the building stood a fair-skinned female arch bishop with silverish hair and flaming red eyes.
“You’re late” the arch bishop said when the two were approaching the building.
“Sorry Flame” Wolf apologized “I had a few run-ins”
“Tell that to Sir Lancelot” she coldly replied.

Flame led them into the dark building and summoned fire to light up the torches within the building. She then hands one of the torches to Wolf and told him to head down to the basement where Sir Lancelot is waiting for him.

Following Flame’s instruction, Wolf descends the stairwell when he heard a loud and eerie creak behind him. Wolf quickly turned and looks, just to see them closing the gates.
Surprise, Wolf asked “Why’d you do that for?”
“Sir Lancelot wants to see you privately.” Eight replied
Wolf stood there, feeling a little hesitant. Upon seeing this, Eight added with a smile “Don’t worry, Flame and I will be waiting for you outside”

As Wolf descends further down the stairs, he wondered why his master would want to see him under such conditions. Sure, he always does things on a whim but even so, Wolf felt that this was unusual. Upon finally reaching the foot of the stairs, Wolf placed the torch in the torch holder nearby and turned into the basement. Unlike the rest of the building, it was quite well lit and in the corner of the room stood Lancelot.

“You finally arrived, Wolf” he greeted “I was worried you wouldn’t come”

Lancelot pulled down the lever near him and the gate behind Wolf dropped down so quickly, he was unable to react. Confused, Wolf turned to question his master, but was cut short when Lancelot started landing massive attacks on him. All Wolf could do was defend himself.
“S-stop!! What are you doing?!” Wolf pled.
But Wolf’s pleas had no effect on him. Lancelot just went on and on, one attack after another. Lancelot then bashed Wolf so hard it broke his defenses and followed up with a shoulder thrust which made Wolf flew backwards, slamming against the iron gate behind.

Lancelot walked towards Wolf and aimed his sword at his neck.
“Wolf, Wolf, Wolf.” He said “You’re as na├»ve as ever. I knew one day it’ll end up like this”
“What are you talking about?” Wolf asked, still confused.
Lancelot then kneeled next to Wolf, with his sword still aiming at his neck.
“I never told you this but…” Lancelot paused for a minute and gave Wolf an evil smile “I’ve always hated you right down to the bone. Ever since the day we met.”
“LIES!” Wolf shouted
Lancelot grabbed Wolf by the hair and threw him to the center of the room.
“That’s what you think, Wolf. You! Who can’t comprehend the truth!” Lancelot said loudly
“NO!” Wolf shouted as he got up slowly
Lancelot ran towards Wolf and kneed him in the abdomen, toppling Wolf down again. He pulled him up roughly by the shoulder and swung his sword at Wolf again. Wolf managed to parry in time. Lancelot pushed down his sword harder and leaned close to Wolf and said
“I said it and I’ll say it again. I’ve always hated you, Wolf. You and your sick pride.”
“But you took me in when I had nowhere to go…….!” Wolf shouted and pushed back Lancelot at the same time.
Lancelot then charged at Wolf and started attacking him repeatedly again while Wolf went into defensive mode again.
“The only reason I made you my disciple was because I thought I could use you for GM’s plans!” Lancelot revealed.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Interceptors : The Beginning of the Guild - Episode 7

“Other than GM stands for ‘Guardian of Midgard’, we don’t really know much about GM. His identity, his true objectives nor his whereabouts…” Jack shyly said.
“…What kind of resistance do you lead?” Nilos asked after a while.
“It was only established several weeks ago...” Jack timidly replied.

“In other words, we’re going to walk around in circles till we find GM” Turbo nonchalantly remarked.

“Let’s go! We shouldn’t waste anymore time” Wolf ordered as they arrived to the port of Alberta. Jack was the last of the four to get off the ship. And as soon as he stepped off the ship, at the corner of his eye, Jack saw an arrow out of nowhere headed straight at him. Jack quickly dodged the arrow. Lucky for him, not so lucky for the person behind him.

“Well, well. If it isn’t Jackzite and friends~” a voice said.
They quickly turn to the direction where the voice came from but they couldn’t see anything.
“Up there!” Turbo shouted, pointing at the roof of a building.
On the roof of the building Turbo was pointing at, stood a female elven ranger with a smirk upon her face.
“And here I thought I’d be wasting time blocking all the ports. Guess I was wrong. I’ll definitely get a raise when—“
Before the ranger could finish her sentence, Nilos quickly warps a portal.

“Quickly! It’ll get you to Prontera!” Nilos shouted as she motioned them to the portal.

“Why didn’t you warp earlier?!” Wolf scolded her.
“It’s my last blue gem, that’s why!” she answered back eventhough she was obviously holding another blue gem in the other hand.
“How dare you interrupt my speech!” the pissed off ranger cried as she rained down the party with arrows.
“Pnuema !!” Nilos quickly casts.

“Hmph! Do you think that’s all I got?” the elven ranger swiftly pulled out some sort of mechanical device and pushed down the button. And the whole port instantaneously blew up. The impact of the explosion blew Wolf into the portal, thus warpping him to Prontera.

“Shit, he got away…No matter, Jackzite is the number one priority after all” The ranger looked down on the remaining three.

“Ughh” Wolf groaned as he fell on his back. Wolf quickly got up and started to look for his comrades. But instead of the ruins of the Alberta port, he found himself in front of the now captured Prontera Church.

“What’s your business here?” the Imperial Guard in front of the church asked. “Uh…nothing” wolf replied. He got to his feet and quickly headed for St. Capitolina before the guards could recognize him.
“It’s best to go help out Eight first and then help out Nilos” Wolf thought “After all, Nilos and the other 2 are facing only one ranger”


Upon reaching the gates of St. Capitolina, Wolf charged in with all his might, destroying its gates in doing so.

“WHAT THE HECK DID YOU DO TO MY GATE, PUNK?!” The old guarding monk roared.
“You alright, old man?” Wolf asked as he held the old man’s shoulder.
“Of course, I’m not alright! You just destroyed my gate!” the old man spat.

“What’s all the commotion?” Eight came and asked.
“Look what your good-for-nothin’ friend here did!” the old man hissed as he point at the gates.

“Eight! Is everything alright?? I heard there’s trouble here” Wolf hastily asked.
“What-? Everything’s fine as you can see” Eight replied with a slightly confused look on his face

“Except the gate!” the old man interrupted.
“……….but the fake angel” Wolf uttered in defence.

“’St. Capitolina needs you’ doesn’t necessarily implies St. Capitolina is in danger” the fake angel swiftly came and said before he took off to another direction.

Wolf was speechless. Then the old guarding monk whacked him with his walking stick repeatedly.
“So when are you going to fix that gate? Huh, punk?” the old man demanded.

“Stop it. We’ll deal with it later.” Eight reassured the old man.

The old man hesitated for a moment, grumbled and left.

“At any rate, Wolf” Eight continued “Sir Lancelot is here to see you.”
“Master Lancelot….?” Wolf repeated.

and after another 3 months, the story continues :)