Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ash Vaccum

this is what this guy thinks of the new world

Friday, September 11, 2009

Interceptors : The Beginning of the Guild - Episode 2

Plate by plate, bowl by bowl, Jackzite kept on eating. There were about 20 to 25 empty plates and bowls at the table and he's still not done!

“Hey kiddo, what’s your business with those guys earlier?” the paladin asked.
“My name is Jackzite, just call me Jack” he paused for a moment and waited for the paladin's reaction.
There was none.
Jackzite was surprised.
"Haven't you heard of me before?" asked he
The paladin instantly replied "Nope, never"
“I’ve leading a rebellion against the Imperial Empire in Payon for a while now. I thought that some people might have heard of us"
“…..” The paladin kept quiet.
"Anyways" Jackzite continued "We were ambushed while we were resting. It happened so quickly and suddenly. Most of my men were either killed or captured.”
"A Lord Knight that fled from the battle field, I see...." The paladin murmured. Jackzite's blood vein popped.
“And a supposedly famous one too.” The paladin continued. Jackzite’s blood vein snapped.
“Who are you by the way, paladin?” Jackzite asked as he tried to maintain his anger.
“Wolf, Ebenezar Wolf”

All the sudden, Jackzite stood up.
“I have to go now” said Jack.
“Yeah, those men of yours are gonna get executed--”
He noticed Jack was heading towards the toilet instead.

“Here is your bill sir” the waitress said as she came up and handed him the bill.
“The guy you’re looking for is in the toilet.” Wolf told her
“But sir, he told me that you’re paying”

He grabbed his jacket and rise him high till the guard’s feet was off the ground. “Tell me where you’re keeping the prisoners!” Wolf shouted at him.
Wolf got spitted at. Pissed, Wolf slits the guard’s throat and throws him on to ground. The guard covered his throat with his both hands and tried to gasp for air, a moment later he didn’t move. He was dead.

“Still angry that you have to wash the plates for me?"
“Screw it!”
“Hey! Hey! I’m here! Save me!” a voice echoed.
"It must be them!!" Jack cried.
As they approached the source of the voice, they saw that it came from an assassin cross who's trapped in a huge bird cage, helpless, hopeless and perhaps useless.
" this is your gay partner?" Wolf inquired
"HELL NO!" Jack objected "Who the heck are you?!"
“Please help me!” the man begged.
"Leave it to me" said Wolf. With a single swing from his trusty sword, Wolf cuts the lock open and frees the man.
“Thanks guys. My name's Turbo, an assassin cross from Assassin Guild of Morroc. I was on a mission to assassinate the GM but--“
“An assassin like yourself getting caught? How pathetic!” Jack interrupted with a smirk
“Unlike a certain someone who keeps running away” Wolf said.
Jack immediately kept silent.
“Quantity versus Quality, eventually the Quality gets tired” Turbo answered back.

“ARH! My leg” Turbo screamed. Wolf scanned around immediately.
Up above the skies, the Imperial’s airship hovered. Soon, it will be the reign of cannons.

PJ Low

once again edit by nat

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Interceptors : The Beginning of the Guild - Episode 1

“Jackzite! By the name of Lord GM, I command you to stop running!” the imperial soldier commanded.

Soaked in his own blood, the heavily armored Lord Knight kept on running as much as his feet could carry. But he was at his limit, he could no longer hold out. And then, BUMP!
Jackzite the Lord Knight fell.

“I didn’t know that this Lord Knight have no eyes” a voice said.

Jackzite looked up. It was a Paladin in shining silver armor riding on a grand peco, with short blonde hair. A helm is adnored on his head with fin helm nesting in front of his ears.

“Never seen a paladin before, kiddo? Why are you such in a hurry? the paladin asked.
Jackzite was about to say something when the paladin interrupted.
"You're covered in blood and sweat...could it be you're in a rush to the public bath? But the bath doesn't close until midnight” the paladin said.
Jackzite was speechless

"Stop!!" commanded the Imperial Soldier once again.

Desperate, Jackzite plead for help.
“Please, please help me! I’m being chased by Imperial Army and I need to get to somewhere safe!”

The paladin sensed that Jackzite was making an excuse to ride on his grand peco since the Lord Knight doesn't even have a peco.
“Hop on” said the paladin as he offered his hand to the Lord Knight.

“Look there, captain! There is a paladin helping him!” the soldier cried.
“Open fire! It doesn't matter whether Jackzite is dead or alive! Same goes for the paladin!” the captain ordered.

"Oh Lord!! He was actually serious!" the Paladin thought
"Hold man, I'm not his ally" he shouted
"N-no! He is my best friend" said Jackzite, under his breath he added "shoot him"
"What the hell? Don't share your shit, sharing isn't caring" said the paladin as he shove Jackzite off
"Papa!" Jackzite blurted out and hugs him
Offended, the paladin untie his grand peco's harness and whips Jackzite's head multiple times
"Man die you, die you!!"

Imperial Gunslingers drew their artillery and open fire.

“Hmph, what small fries with cheap tricks” the paladin raise up his right arm and said “Defending Aura!!” The whole radius around the paladin and Jackzite was immediately covered by dark black shadows. The bullets ricochet off the dark shadow and shot the gunslingers. Both Jackzite and the captain of the Imperial Army were amazed at what this one paladin can do against the whole regiment of the gunslingers.

“You” the paladin point towards the Captain
“Perhaps, you should start to value your life”
"Say that for yourself" said the Captain.
At those words, a second wave of Imperial Soldier came charging toward the two. The second wave of soldiers twiced the number of the first.
"Holy grand peco" the paladin uttered.

The paladin then turn to Jackzite, gave him heals and ran and hide.
Jackzite became desperate for his own life and then BERSERK!! He annihilated the second wave within a fraction of a second. Jackzite turned to the captain and started to charge at him.
“Tch-You won’t be lucky next time!” The captain swore and teleported away.

Jackzite then turned to the paladin and gave him an intimidating stare.
"O-oh ok, I know it was irresponsible of me to leave you there and that your death would be particularly my fault... but attacking me doesn't solve anything..." the paladin stammered
Jackzite kept silent.
"I'm terribly sorry.. ok? so put.. put down your sword and calm down" the paladin continued.
Jackzite kept silent.
The paladin finally got fed up and said crudely "Hey asshole, say something"
Jackzite kept silent for a second and then raise his left hand.
"SHIT.. SHIT, don't force me to do this "shouted the panicked paladin
Jackzite raised his left hand higher.
"Damn you, that's it...." the paladin drew out his trusty sword and charged at Jackzite when the Lord Knight took some sort of signboard and shows it to him. The sign reads:
berserk can't talk

So, wat u think of this story? xD
(expecting any kind of comments... xD )

--edited by Nat with the permission of PJ

Monday, September 7, 2009

It is small world after all.. xD

Been a hardcore in Rock songs... i always condemn those hip hop/rap with the reason, singing non-sense stuff. Well, u cant blame me, take a look on what Kenya West, Sean Paul and 50 cent, while most rock songs are more about the feelings but well... now days rock songs getting suck as those rock mainstream got polluted by those American idols, and those babe magnet style band.

But recently my view changed about hip hop/rap. I been listening to few songs of it but from 90s, seriously and sincerely.... it is so good especially those gangster's rap. They express themselves with a message and feelings.... something that u cant ignore.

So, go to the hell those babe magnet type hip hop/rap and rock band. I hate u so much for corrupting the modern way of poetry.

PJ Low