Thursday, January 28, 2010

A few words says it all

i heard this sometime ago....

This englishman was called out to tell a joke in front of all these chinese ppl (in a dinner party) and his joke lasted for about 2~3mins. After that, the translator was called out to translate the englishman's joke. So he said to the audience

"I have no idea what he just said so just laugh as hard as you can, ok?"
And so everyone laughed very loudly.

When the translator went back to seat, the englishman asked him
"It took me about 2~3 mins and yet it only took you a few words. Why?"
the translator replied
"chinese words have alot of meaning, so a few words says it all"

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Reboot means better?

For today, lets look in two series that got itself rebooted


This 2004 punisher movie, is making everyone "WoW! finally is out!" and it is more towards revenge plot rather than kill-the-bad-guy. Suppose it has a sequel aka Punisher 2, however the idea of Punisher 2 soon changed to Punisher: Warzone. Out of no where, they decide to reboot making the Punisher:Warzone a standalone rather than a sequel to the 2004.

This is an omg movie. Not recommended to those has weak stomach. Oh yea, the brain juice is almost everywhere in the movie and worst of it, i was having Chicken rice while watching this movie. LOL, kids dont try this at home (yea i mean dont eat while watching it).

Comparison: The new Punisher 2008 is much more better than the 2004. It is so good that it deserve to watch 2nd time.. xD Hack, look at his armor! Even more cooler than the T-shirt + coat. REMEMBER, T-shirt is not bullet proof!


"You dont like me when im angry" the quote from this movie as famous as "This is SPARTA!". lol, on this 2003 version, alot of grandmother stories, on how his pet fish dies, whos his barber and yea talk almost everything and shits but never mention where he bought his strech-able purple pants. The action is so sad that merely mention it would hurt ur eyes and heart. Very recommended movie to those who loves talk and talks movie (heck, love/romance movie much better in talking rather than this).

Again in the year of 2008, this series got rebooted by those directors/writers/sponser who probably recieved too much complaint/refund/f*** u letter on the 2003 and they decided to put less talking and more action in this 2008. It is really WOW, xD. The action is at least 15 mins length and enough to make u pee on the pants as u dont wan miss the action. And the good part is, they got a good main actor. He is so gentleman-like which is so contrast to his alter-ego, sort of like.. oh man that is the real "U dont like me when im angry".

Comparison: Ladies and gentlemen, in case u have the 2003 version, plse throw it away and buy the 2008.. xD

PJ Low

Saturday, January 23, 2010


So Bangkok Beta is finally open for few selected players. And of course, u were required to choose either Triad or Yakuza.... xD

Well, if u r asking which faction i would choose, then honestly i will pick triads (psst, cause i asked John to pick Yakuza so we can trade goods among each other... xD) and surprise me, the Yakuza logo/emblem is actually based on the real life Yakuza organization at Japan.

Yeap, this is the actual emblem of the yakuza. It is called Yamaguchi-gumi, and to my suprise they actually have a wikipedia site of themselves. Take a look here

Oh btw, i still left one more passport.. xD anyone needs it, u need to lick my ass till it shines! Nah, just kidding LOL. Just nudge/buzz me at IM and i will give.

PJ Low

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Quote of the Day

"Subway (Malaysia) do sell pork!"

HAHAHA, try guess who said that sentence? xD the winner will win a prize from me.. xD

BTW, on 27.2.10 (Saturday), if u guys have no objection, lets meet on that saturday.. xD do u guys agrees? or if u have better plan, do tell me!

PJ Low

Friday, January 8, 2010

Seith for xyi

i got kinda bored so i offered to draw xyi's ab

hope its not too bad :D

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Interceptors : The Beginning of the Guild - Episode 6

“My apologies my Lord, we have failed to capture Jackzite. He somehow gained assistance. One of which was recognize as one of the Holy Officers of Trinity Cross, Ebenezar Wolf” the captain reports.

“You failed on capturing Jackzite, threw an airman out from airship, and caused the lost hundreds of infantries and not to mention you lost few of our great cannons. Have you done anything good that can compensate all these mistakes, our dear Captain Richard?” the man addressed as ‘my Lord’ asks while eating an apple.

“My sincerest apologies, please forgive me, my Lord. Allow me redeem myself. Just let me lead few hundreds more soldiers to capture Jackzite, for sure this time” Richard the captain pleads.

“Guards! Take this failure away!” the man orders

“LORD!! I BEG YOU!!!” Richard pleads as he clings onto the man’s robes.
“Do Not Touch Me, You Filthy Scum!” the man roars.
He draws his jewel adorned sword and slits Richard’s head off his shoulders.
“Feed his corpse to the dogs” the man orders.
As the guards drag Richard out from the hall, the other officers watched on in silence.

“Jackzite still roams freely at outside world, and he has assistance from this Ebenezar Wolf. Is this man named Ebenezar Wolf capable of any threat to us?” the Lord asked the remaining officers in the hall.

“O’ great Lord GM, Ebenezar Wolf is one of the three leaders of Trinity Cross. Trinity Cross is an organization consisting of crusaders, priests and monks under the name of Odin. According to documents, Ebenezar Wolf commands the entire Holy Knights. We fear he might also request assistance from his fellow leaders .Therefore we should deal with him as soon as possible” an elderly officer opined.
“Seems to me that you have a plan, old man” GM says.

“Indeed, I do. The Knight Guild, led by the Rune Knight, Sir Alexandre Wales is said to be the first OFFICIAL Rune Knight. Yes my Lord, there is another Rune Knight before Sir Alexandre Wales although unofficial. His name is Rosvan Mervos. He is said to be far more powerful than Wales. However, after the death of his wife, he had gone missing…till this day.” The elderly officer continued.

“Oh?” Lord GM intervenes

“Our intelligence has sighted him southwest of Hugel. Locals said that he seeks for a way to resurrect his dead wife. I say, we should give him a little sign of "hope". If he succeeds killing Wolf, the Holy Knights can’t blame us for his death as Rosvan Mervos is responsible” the old man said.

“HAHAHA, good, this is GOOD!” Lord GM laughs and agrees. “Carry it out as soon as possible”
“Yes, my Lord”


“Would you two like to join us in my quest of getting back the artifacts?” Nilos asked Turbo and Jackzite while offering her hand to both of them.
“Yes, my Lady” Turbo said extra politely as he shook hands with her.
“Err, I don’t know since I have resistance to lead…" Jack replied.
"So you can't come?" Nilos asked Jack, staring him down with a demonic aura.
"But I don’t mind tagging along if it’s fun” Jack continued with a timid smile.

Then, from out of nowhere, a fake angel appears at Wolf’s side.

“Sir, St.Capitolina Abbey needs you” it said.
“Oh no, something bad happened again?” Wolf asked.

i'm not a good editor...i keep on missing some mistakes :(

We Run for Fun

I'm being push to write this......

We originally went to the Seal Shrine, but since it was proving to be a pain in the arse, we went to Endless Tower once more

Members consist of
  • Me (AB)
  • Myself (AB)
  • Fox (gene)
  • Neese (sorc)
  • Sara (WL)
  • Xyi (ranger)
  • Sara's & Xyi's fren (WL)
  • Coffee(wanderer)
  • Coffee's fren (minstrel)
  • Another Coffee's fren (AB)

    The blue font means just join to fulfill the minimum requirement of ppl (it has gone up to 10)
We still had 1 hr and 42 mins to go when we reached lvl90. So everyone was casual about it.


We got wiped several times. By the time we got to BZB, there was only 20mins on the clock D:

At least we killed him

There was 5 mins left so we charged ahead!!...and then we got kicked

so the record for this time: lvl 96

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Reunion Lunch!

LOL, copy from the CNY reunion dinner.. xD let's meet up and we shall talk about everything from Age (personal) till Zoom (picture). Leave suggestion on the comment on What, Why, When, Where, Who and How on this event....!

PJ Low

Monday, January 4, 2010

Interceptors : The Beginning of the Guild - Episode 5

Trio took a cruise from Alberta to Gonryun which really gave them a nice relaxing scenery view. However, Wolf’s mind was entirely somewhere else.
“Remember, do not provoke her.” Wolf reminded the others once again.
“Alright, gosh how many times must you repeat before you can stop” Turbo said with an annoyed tone.
“Why do you keep reminding us about her?” Jack asked.
“Well, she is...sort of aggressive and hard to deal with especially in her fury state. I do really wonder if she could be able to find a husband and lead a happily ever after life” Wolf joked.

“Arh Chiew!” the girl wearing Golden Bells upon her silky strawberry blonde hair sneezed.
“Are you ok, Nilos?” an old lady who was together with this Nilos farming Royal Jellies.
“I’m fine~! Thanks for asking” Nilos waves and smile to the old lady.
“Nilos, there is a group of men who wants to meet you!” a boy shouted to notify Nilos.
“OK!” Nilos replied.
She wondered who it could be. She hadn’t had any visitors in a while.

“Hello Nilos, it has been a long time since we last met” Wolf greeted Nilos.
“Ah well, what a surprise. Never expected a top ranking Holy officer to come down to the rural area to meet me” Nilos smile and shook hand with Wolf. “So, what business do you have with me?”
Before Wolf could answer, Turbo quickly said “Wolf has lost your whole collections of holy artifacts”.
“What!? No, it’s just--” before Wolf could finish the sentence, he was punched by Nilos hard on the cheek causing him to fly a few meters away, slamming against the building wall, leaving a crack.

“Stop, I could explain this! Please!!” Wolf begs.
“Shut up and accept your punishment!” Nilos kicked Wolf on the head, hard enough to make Wolf spit blood out. Then, she grabbed Wolf’s neck, dragged him up and threw him quite a distance away. Wolf landed hard on the tree. Nilos then forced Wolf to stand up again and delivered another hard punch on the chest. Hard enough to make a dent on his armor and make the tree that was behind Wolf fall.

“Ouch, that would leave a mark. Now I see why” Turbo, glad that he was not the one being punched.
“Let’s get away before we get involved” Jack suggested
The both of them moved away swiftly, leaving Wolf to suffer Nilos’ wrath.
Nilos was about to deliver another punch when Wolf faints on her. Nilos holds Wolf in her arms and pats Wolf’s head. “Don’t die on me yet, little Wolf. There’s more to come”


Wolf opens his eyes just to see Nilos is sitting beside him. Afraid that she might assault him again, Wolf quickly moved away from her.
“About time you woke up” Nilos smiled.
“Yea, thanks to your good sleeping pills” Wolf said.
Nilos laughs. “Well, thanks the both of them; I understand what’s going on” Nilos points to Jack and Turbo.
“What are you going to do” Wolf asked.
“We shall see” Nilos grinned.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Interceptors : The Beginning of the Guild - Episode 4

We… have lost Prontera Church?” Wolf asked in a tone of surprise.
“Yes sir, the Imperials was overwhelming” Garland answered. “The artifacts of the holy church were also looted away by those Imperials. In addition, we have lost our Castle.”
“WHAT?” Wolf uttered.
“In other words, the whole of Prontera have been taken over…” Turbo murmured.
“Artifacts of the holy church?” Jack asked curiously.
“Prontera Church houses several of the ancient holy artifacts. It was rumored that they were crafted by dwarfs of the ancient time” Turbo explained. “Well, it’s the every thief’s dream to steal it”
Everyone stares at Turbo in shock. “What? Do I look like a thief to you?” Turbo asked bluntly.
“So where are we heading?” Wolf asked.
“St. Capitolina Abbey. Sir Nicho Eight is expecting you, sir” Garland explains.


St. Capitolina Abbey, a monk sacred place where it house the miracle of the world as both human and monster co-exist. Turbo was surprised to see aggressive monsters such like Acidus, the Golden dragon or Fake angel, a cupid look-a-like monster, interacting with the humans without bringing any harm.

“This is really amazing” Turbo saying it out loud, subconsciously.
“Hey look at this! This horse is cute!” Jack says as he pats the Cornus’ head gently.
A Shura with dark brown hair then came out.
"Nicho Eight!" Wolf called out
Eight rushed towards Wolf, hugged him and said “It’s been 9 years since the last I saw you. Glad to have you back to our side, brother”

“Yea" Ebenezar Wolf smiled.

Jack whispered to Garland “Both of them are brothers?”
“If you mean blood-related, no. But in case you hadn’t noticed, you never stop asking question, don’t you?” Garland says, hinting Jack was being too noisy.
“What makes you say that?” Jack asks again.
“No, nevermind.” Garland facepalmed

“But I’ve grave news to bring you. We have lost both our Castle and Church and the worst of all, the holy artifacts” Eight getting to the issue.
“Yes, I’ve heard” Wolf replied.
“It all happened too suddenly. Before we were even dispatch, GM had already taken over Prontera with their new alliance, the Knight Guild” Eight explains. “If Nilos hears that the artifacts have been lost, she’ll be depressed”
“What do you mean?” Jack asked once more.
“Nilos is the one who stole---I mean, found the artifacts from the temple of Odin” Eight answered.
“Nilos? Depress?? I think GM’s the one going to be depressed when she finds out. Shit, even thinking of her gives me the chills.” Wolf said.
“Sir, do you mean Lavenra V. Nilos? The High Priestess that settled down in Gonryun and became a Royal Jelly farmer? What is there to be afraid of her?” Garland asked.
“You don’t want to know” Eight & Wolf both replied at the same time

“The lost of Castle or Church isn’t that much of a problem but the artifacts are. I guess we should find Nilos for advice, although I do really hope there is an alternative way” Wolf groaned.
“So who is going to tell this Nilos about the bad news?” Turbo straightaway asks
Everyone pointed at Ebenezar Wolf.
“WHY ME??!”