Monday, November 24, 2008

Interceptors Declare War on McD

Some conflict has rise and it cant be solve by coffee and table. Therefore, raise ur sword and armor, and fight against this McD guild who has fallen in darkness...

McD whom seek Alliance from us eventually betrayed us and even copy-ed our Rosdniw Technology. It is an unforgiven sin and we should EAT THEM ALIVE!

Therefore, Interceptors Declared WAR towards McD.

Interceptors Warchief,
Ebenezar Wolf

Sunday, November 23, 2008

LOL? End of JustRO era?

If you guys have yet not notice what happen to the JustRO server:

Server is down, total down, saved files included character info is wiped off, and they setup the server in another location with OLD DATA FILE.

How old is it?I was login, and i saw my 76lvl blacksmith here >_> (meaning, is approximate, 5 weeks ago?)(and yea that explain why your accounts seems to be "doesnt exist")

I dont know bout what you guys do after this but here is my options:
- leave and found a new server of course, but malaysia low-rate server isnt that easy to find.
- but if we choose to stay, at least make a full wipe to the server, dont take the old data, it could be unfair to the new player within this missing 5 weeks.

so guys, opinion?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

Hey, jeremy here, AKA FizWiz ex-trinity_eternity server player.

yep, it's my birthday yesterday, lolz

will be joining justRO soon, as a wiz of course :D

Monday, November 3, 2008

Flame Of Heaven or Hell?

Interceptors guild, dispatch Explorer party to JUST to build a landing platform before the coming of all Interceptors member. Explorer party, landed on two cities which is Payon and Gonryun; began to search for supplies to build a temporary base.

Unknown to us, Explorer party began to feel the unbalanced environment in the so call balanced server. As Explorer party investigate this unfair situation, they accidently discover where this server have this so call Dynasty system.

For us whom are from Interceptors, this Dynasty system is unacceptable; therefore Explorer party launch an intercept attack on the JUST forum, towards the members of Dynasty. We understand the percentage of victory is low but if we succeed, we saved another virtual world from corruption. If we fail, we still leave them a huge scar as a reminder for the sin they committed.

Therefore, i ask for every Interceptors member, to join this JUST invasion and protect on wat we believe and serve the weaks.

May God with us, All Hail Interceptors!

Ebenezar Wolf