Thursday, January 29, 2009

CNY = KL Dead

KL basically a dead city when CNY is here. Major roads or highways towards KL having very very less vehicles on road. One would ask,"I understand the chinese balik kampung for the reunion dinner, so where is the non-chinese in KL?" There is few answer for this:

1. They balik kampung as well~ Oh ho ho balik kampung~, oh ho ho balik kampung~~!

2. The city kinda empty,as it only have less crowds and when it is less crowds, the non-chinese owned shops would close as well to prevent robberies and when they closed the shops, the city have nothing to offer to the visitors!

There is this our former PM said, if we to "bulldozer" every properties that owned by non-malays, KL only left Kampung Baru. So, there is no suprise if the chinese owned shops, mini-markets, workshops, companies or industries stops thier operating hours and go for thier reunion dinners or holidays. Not only that, those who's Boss is a chinese, will have thier employees to take compulsory leaves as the boss hatta balik kampung as well for reunion dinner or simple, hisap angpau.

I witness myself, where all Malaysians stock thier home's fridge and dry foods cupboard before CNY. Not only that, during CNY, even the markets doesnt operating! with the few traders selling the "expired products" like kubis aged 3 days old [non-fresh foods].

Conclusion... When CNY comes, Malaysia's economic stops for 15 days?

PJ Low

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

Yo! Happy Chinese New Year, may the continues 15 days of CNY spirit with u ^^ ...

Of the year 2009, once again the year of ox brings us the economic meltdown [1997 was an ox year too!]. True but wierd, i cant feel any spirits of CNY this year. Getting lesser and lesser of visitors to temples too, @.@. Ang pau values goes down just like how u flush ur toilet. The reunion dinners food .... sigh.

It is a bad sign ppl. So be safe and save before be sorry. However one thing that should Interceptorians relief: the membership are still free!!! xD xD xD

Lol, seriously... i doesnt have any or ready to deliver CNY speech... xD just back from holidays [tired +1]... but be sure u guys enjoy ur CNY to full ^^ it is a culture festival of Malaysia for Malaysian ^^

Happy Chinese New Year
Gong Xi Fatt Chai
Gong Heng Fatt Choi

PJ Low

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Meet up on the 26th

As you all know,

Me, PJ and John met up at timesquare on the 26th of december 2008.

It was a day that you could relax, laugh and also enjoy every moment of a second because of the topics we talked about and whatever happend around us. We met up at Timesquare during sometime.. 5pm or 6 i dont really remember...

However we went for roti canai for dinner at some indian place i think its called little india? PJ please correct me on that one. I felt like i was in india because there was a lot of indians everywhere like... every angle you look there will always be an indian.
Indian music was played on the street and i must say it is disturbing and un pleasant to hear =(

Here are the photos that we took in the indian shop :) yes PHOTOS ..

This here is PJ !! our interceptors leader haha mr Rosdniw Neryes or Wolf. He was enjoying his food i forgot what he ordered but he took his glasses off and started eating. As you can see from his facial expression he loved what he was having =D.
This big man right here just finished a metal indian plate of roti canai ;) his names JOHN aka DELIAF or Mr rich guy in RO hahaha. He is happily smiling because he had the tastiest roti canai in the world.

What was inside that roti canai he ate and why was it so tasty?
Here look and analyze this photo =D
Looks normal? TASTE DIFFERENT;)

This is the roti canai John ate and who was victimized. This roti canai has a funny story that i nearly choked on my own roti canai(WHICH WAS CLEAN OFCOURSE!!)
This roti canai was given to john by some indian man who was itching his ass THEN grabbed the roti canai off a plate with the hand he was scratching his ass with onto JOHNS plate


John man~ i know you were hungry why'd you eat it XD
Anyways after paying the bill we decided to go KLCC =))
that twin tower place for some exploring =)).
We got there via a train called LRT

Reaching KLCC , we went shopping well... window shopping and decided to take some photos while we were there. We went into a sport shop and the biggest bookshop? which reminded me of a library which had new books =P

Here is our hero PJ trying to steal a pokemon book XD i wonder what we was thinking ;)
Yeap we all think sky is crazy ;) they even wrote a book about him HAHA jokes sky you know we love you XD
Ahh this picture is just beautiful =)) i LOVE malaysia

This book said YES Vs NO
Should interceptors let PJ retire? yeah judging by my facial expression i said NO ngiak ngiak ngiak =P
Man i think john's backside needs major surgery, look how big the leg is and the spikes coming out of those shoes! RIP johns butt cells XD
YES i feel like an idiot doing that HAHAHA =D BUT it was PJ's idea and he commanded me to do it ALL in all it is a great photo however... im not gay XD and i was not enjoying my view T__T
This is me in china eating macdonalds. Not that great but anyways i still prefer staying in KL
rather than being in china. The guy next to me i think wants to leave china too XD
I had a great time hope this year there will be another chance of us buddies meeting up again.
Unlike someone i know who WAS going to come but that person wanted to watch from the side XD not naming anyone ^^V
Have a pleasant day and a happy chinese new year fella's
Jon aka Jokerrrrr AKA turbo aka ill kick you if you don stop reading =P=P

Ken Lee = Can't Live

Keeeeennnn Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Bruce Lee pun kalah....

*More info about this girl, is on my blog...

PJ Low

Malaysia's new Negaraku... xD

Nice Song... xD

Sang after the General Election of 2008, if im not mistaken...

PJ Low

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Today's StarMag features about the Ancient Brotherhood, The Freemason. And this one gives me a snap of idea, wat if our interceptors = freemason? xD

Ideas/opinion/feedback are welcome ^^

PJ Low

Sunday, January 11, 2009

World Of Warcraft - OVERPOWER!


PS: Doesnt understand? Play WoW!

PJ Low

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Interesting Quote

Lol, here is this several quote from my daily MSN/YM ... xD More to come.. so GG, becareful when talking to me.. xD

"u shud do this, or this, not like this" by Natalie, on topic "Criticism on Arts"

"I'm the admin of the server , I've spoken , no means no , to all players" by FP, on topic "Pay back us"

"tat can make me cry u noe" by Jacky, on topic "Deleted Just (the blogpost)"

Sooner or later, xD world will use this quote for thier daily life.. xD just like how the word of Cucumber, Fishball and Pau in Interceptors.. xD xD xD

PJ Low

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Emblem Look

This is the majority voted emblem... Give us honest opinion about it so we can refine it. Remember, silence is not an option to improve it, cause this emblem is going to represent us, so of course all of us wans to be look nice right? So plse co-op with us with ur opinions ^^

Advance Thanks ,
PJ Low

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Thursday, January 1, 2009

My respond to jon's post


still everyone, Happy New Year,
and anti roti kosong D:

and wooo first post in year 09' :DDDDDDD