Thursday, October 30, 2008

First Anniversary

Today, 30th October is the date where we founded Interceptors. Many things happens but yet we still stay as a team and nothing can betray our trust to each other.

Interceptors Guild was born at the land of Gonryun, the city that resemble Taiwan, on the Trinity's sub-server Eternity. Of course, we face a lot of challenges and difficulties in our early age but it was overcome by our guild's teamwork, trust, and technologies.

True but weird, we are the only sole guild that survived the disaster of Eternity [server closed down] while others guilds lost many contacts with thier guildmember or simply lost forever. This means they hold a short term friendship, where they are selfish and only cares for thier own goals.

For now, Interceptors doesnt have a true goal either for short term or long term. However, we are clear that Interceptors do have his hidden goal, to unite us under one banner. Either u r from Australia, East Malaysia, East Coast Peninsular, Northern Peninsular or Klang Valley, we are still Interceptors.

On this First Anniversary, I hope we will still continue to be together as well as to bring more new members to join us. Lets hope, we able to celebrate the 2nd anniversary next year with more members... ^^

Happy Birthday Interceptors

PJ Low

Monday, October 27, 2008

Guess The Music 17

Yesterday night is HOT!!! Several Ace rush to get the song named before thier opponent does but well here's today song.. ^^

17 Track 17.mp3 -

Guess it!

PJ Low

Guess The Music 16

16 Track 16.mp3 -

Guess it, too bad, i accidently lost the details... but well, ganbatte!

PJ Low

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Guess The Music 13

yo yo yo~ this is the last western song... ganbatte!

13 Track 13.mp3 -

Guess it!

PJ Low

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Guess The Music 11

11 Track 11.mp3 -

tada~ guess it! cause the next Guess Music 12 is everyone's favourite!

PJ Low

Something New

Lol, im bored... so i created this fancy fancy title in Interceptors.

1. The Eye Of The Ladybird (Guild master)

2. Prince Of Blood (2nd Commander)
3. Princess Of Snow (3rd Commander)

4. General [For other guild leaders that gave up thier guild and join ours will be given this title]

5. The Dragon Of The West [1st Class God Players]
6. The Phoenix Of The South [2nd Class God Players]
7. The Unicorn Of The North [3rd Class God Players]
8. The Tiger Of The East [4th Class God Players]

9. The Sun Of The Post [Extraordinary Heroes]
10. The Moon Of The Ante [Heroes]

11. The Rook Of The Chariot [Lower Class Heroes]

12. The Water Of The Living [Veteran]
13. The Earth Of The Peace [ Loyal Member]
14. The Fire Of The Friendship [Newbie]

LOL! Well, with this title too [except the first 4 titles], u can c how strong u r as each title represents ur level of strength... wan to know mine? xD My strength during the Sub-Server Eternity is just till "The Sun Of The Post". Oh yea, in the previous Sub-Server Eternity, all best player or greatest player in Eternity is just on the level of "The Sun Of The Post". In fact, from my "RO Career" till now, i havent seen anyone is worth enough to hold the title of "The Tiger Of The East" or higher.

Wanna know ur level? Ask me... xD

PJ Low

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Technical Trouble

I dont know, but im facing a lot of trouble while uploading that "Guess The Music 11" into Imeem... we will continue this music guess if someone from u volunteer to upload it for me...

Just a little hint, this Music 11 is the last piece of the easy music.... gg starting at music 12.... GG u might wont able to guess.... gg

PJ Low

Friday, October 3, 2008


I chose this server, EternityRo... to test and taste the Regnagleppod... No longer as data sheet, i will made this build a legend! A legend will across the world of RO~!

Inspired by Critical's Spin-off version of Doppelganger and many many lvl 99 swordman class that build for PVP, this Regnagleppod is specially built as anti-Doppelganger version. It is a high rate budget to built as such is depending a lot on MVP items, tons of eluniums, equipments and zenys. Using a lot of new patch's of new weapons and equipments, this Regnagleppod technology to be expected to able to reduce damages as far as 75% or more from Doppelganger's main attack damage, making one step ahead and a guide for future tankers such like Paladins or Lord Knights.

If this build able to kill Doppelganger, WOE version of Regnagleppod will put in study as soon as possible as such our guild will be feared by many future-enemy-guilds because of our deadly superior weapon. Imagine 30 Interceptors members using 30 Regnagleppods..... wat could it be!

I hope every one in Interceptors guild would contribute on such a legend-to-be-weaponary as it will bring fame to our guild as one of the best RO guild in RO history.

PJ Low

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya

Lol, sorry for my late... anyway... wishes everyone in Interceptors especially Reid and Alea, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin...

Reid reid, nak sebiji kuih raya? xD

PJ Low