Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My guild Emblem/ Happy new year 2009

Hey dudes,

Seeing as u guys are deciding on a new emblem~

i don think i will be playing RO till i dont kno, a very long time SOOOOOO,

i decided on my own emblem i think john will join me on this one =)))

The guild name will be called....

Anti Roti Kosong

and the picture will look like ..

haha only jokes guys~ blogging cus im really bored this NYE
happy new year 2009 , stay safe and love your friends and families and hope interceptors go on forever~

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

oh, new emblem?

hihi, cat here

im a new member who recently join this guild last month in JustRo =)

anyways, wolf ask me to take up the new emblem design challenge so this is what i came up w/

cant really decide which is better so pls comment and choose ur opinion =)

The meetup

Remember these pictures? LOL ~
yeah i finallly met the man in black~ WOOO aka pj
PJ ,
You are one of the nicest, greatest guy out there and i must thank you for giving me a great time in KL ~ it was fun and enjoying also exciting. However ill post up the pictures once i meet you guys again and this time ill bring a camera and Jeremy will be there.. Mel said it mite not be a problem for her to go so the more the merrier.
This guy.... MAN his tall =X !! he is a funny guy as well since he was victimized by the indians LOL the roti canai that i can never forget and i know that i shall never go to that place again.
What happend to poor john?
well... lets just say he orderd another Roti Kosong and the man just came out from nowher and used his fingers to put it on his plate.
Not long after he did that we saw the indian man scratching his ass =X
I wonder how john is bahahaha~ we even took a photo of that =)
Anyways my plans for next meet .. just take a lot more photos because
Every photo is a memory of every moment of fun and you can never bring it back because
time only goes 1 way and not the other

Happy Birthday to Jack!

Merry Christmas + Happy New Year + Happy Birthday to Jack!!!

[everything, 3 in 1, tapau for jack.. xD]

May u live long long, ur down, long long, and dont ur nose long long like pinochio...

Anyway, enough of the joke, may today's wonderful spirit with u jack... ^^

PJ Low, and the Interceptors.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Deleted JustRO

Brothers and Sisters, as all of u aware, i had make my decision to quit JustRo, the server whom gave us all of empty promises. I resign because i unable to claim Jack's Right with the Gm's guarantees of no more corrupted saved files issue. Click Here To C their Empty Promises

Here, I listed all the GM's dirty work that i knew :

1. Gm accepts Rm trade for Level, but pretend as if it does or never of this happens.

2. Gm always check our EQ and cards and then leak to the opposition Guild.

3. Gm always spy our guild chat.

4. After the Babylon incident, the GMs promised us that they wont be playing any normal characters, but Stacy and InfinityGirl is belongs to GM.

5. Gm sucks Jack's RM 3 for phone credit.

6. Wilson doesnt in donation list even he donated Rm15, we suspect GM use it for his own.

7. Same goes to Rebby's Rm5, Gm used for his own too.

8. GM simply blame us for using bot while it is actually dual client system.

9. Before Babylon incident, every event make by GM's are always win by GM's normal characters.

10. The donation money is more than RM500, and the GM said, "u wan to quit.. just quit, i dont care". This means he already have the plan to cheat/take away the money for his own use.

11. They promised to put the 300% manual book into NPC that sells in zeny, but they changed to point shop, in order to earn more RM.

12. GM is noob, he doesnt understand how gr works, and branded me and xtra are idiots, for not knowing how to use gr, when we told them, gr doesnt work properly [bug].

13. Not only leaking our EQ and our strenght to enemy, he did spy on us of how we kill super mvp, and then leak our tactics to enemy. Solid proof? Keil left 98%.

14. Promised to be balanced server, but introduced too much custom items, and the abuse of the battleground's reward EQ, to become donation item.

15. GM, always solve the problem by using his feelings, not his brain... which caused Babylon incident, where he ban all Babylon's characters just because Gm claims that babylon doesnt respect him.

16. Stalked Rebby at the past, caused rebby fear and frustrated over GM action. It is believed, GM still continue his stalking atm.

17. Too arrogrant to accept advice on technical issue, where Sky warn him early where the server is easy to hack. GM with his ego attitude, "Only noob got hacked"

18. He still unable to make the server secure and safe. Hacker still roaming free in the server.

19. On the early game, before Interceptors guild landed, Gm always semi-force the Explorer Team to donate.

20. In this "balanced" server, as long u r donate, u r strong. This explains on how they spam berrys, +7 EQs and much much more, where it suppose to get POINTS rather than item/level request.

That is, by far... i know or i remember it... so much corruption but yet he is still claim it is the best server.

Jack helped the guild so much, so much that i bet everyone is on debt with him. Try to tell me, how many times he helped u, dont tell me that, he never helps u. Am i wrong when im trying to claim his High Novice back just to pay back his kind heart?

PJ Low @ Ebenezar Wolf

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Requested By Jeremy

He wanted to know, wats that McD doing....

It begins where i and john were new in the server. No one help us and no one care about us. That's fine with us, cause we are independent. As the server still new, there is only few players around there, roughly 3~4. GM met us, and chat with us, and i promise to bring Interceptors to there. Also, i found out the server doesnt have any female players or should i said the population of that RO server never see a female RO player.

Interceptors base were build with time, energy and sweat. When the base were half-complete, we invited the whole Interceptors to join us, and the first two to respond were Sky and Rebecca. Well, because of rebby, the whole server including GM [except our guild] became Hamsap Fellas, and GM is crown-ed as Hamsap King.

Because of that too, our guild finally been noticed [sigh], and the so-call veteran player [consists of Dark Creature Guild (Lan Ci Guild) and McD (innocent guild to be at first sight)]of that server donate few EQs as well as cash toward us [99% were rubbish] and they only HELP rebby in leveling. Day and night, min by min, Rebby get annoyed by them who trying to seek attention from her. However this case solved, when the Interceptors guild gave them a warning.

Results of that warning, DC and McD guild felt uneasy aka tarak syok with our guild.

A week after, the GM announce, WOE is available now. The DC guild with thier ambition of conquer-ing the world of JustRO began to conquer the castles. Thier rival was McD guild. Yeap, the romance of three guilds, DC VS McD, while Interceptors remain neutral atm. Of the neutral position we had, McD guild request, should the two guild ally to against DC, while DC were too proud to ask our help.

Our guildmember at that hour, voted, majority against the alliance as we sense some sort of "stupid" trading or should i said, we dont get any benefit from the alliance. However, our guild provide several supplies and information including the secret of Rosdniw Neryes build where it might assist McD guild in thier war to against DC.

Few days later, the DC guild lost thier guildleader as he got his ban due to botting and "not respect-ing the GM". The DC guild consider lost in the war,when Interceptors makes sudden appearance and take over the whole DC owned castles.

Now, McD feel unsecure and unhappy due to our guild strength where we able to conquer DC as well as taking down Ifrit [the strongest MVP atm]. Several information leak from McD guild and most of the information were about to against us.

Two days later, McD declare war on us, and they are going to use CopyCat Rosdniw Neryes to against us.

[For current report, it is kinda tension enviroment, just like COLD WAR, Interceptors Fraction or McD Fraction]

PJ Low