Thursday, December 31, 2009

Interceptors : The Beginning of the Guild - Episode 3

“Incoming!!!!!” Jackzite screamed.

There were explosions around the trio. The trio ran but dust and gunpowder are filling up the air, blinding and choking them. The deafening sounds of explosions aren’t helping either.

“We’ve got to do something or else we’ll get killed!” Turbo shouts as loud as he can.
“Then there’s no other choice then for us to--” Wolf yells.
He draws out his sword and shouts “CHARGE!!!”

At that very moment, a heavily armored crusader on a magnificent grand peco jump out from the dust with its rider. Soon, hundreds of grand peco riders followed.

“The crusaders of the Prontera Castle?!” Jackzite then turned to Wolf and inquired
“Could it be you called backup before we came here??”
“Errr…..yeah!!” Wolf blurted

The crusaders continued charge towards the Imperial’s infantries without the fear of being bombarded by their cannons. Midst the fight, the leader of the holy army came rushing towards Wolf and salutes him.
“Sir, I, Garland Francis, was sent by Sir Nicho Eight to bring you back to Prontera, sir!”
“What’s for?” Wolf asked.
“We shall speak about that once the current situation is dealt with!” he replied
“How will you eliminate those Imperial’s pigs?” Jackzite asked.
“By taking over the infantries cannons and use it to bring down those airships” the Paladin explains.
“Crazy but I like it!!” Turbo exclaims as he gives them a thumbs up

“Shit, where’s our backup?!!” barked the infantry as he reloads the cannon.
Everything was in chaos. They’re running low on supplies and their men are falling down one by one like chess pieces. The crusaders had came out of nowhere and they were completely caught off guard. Before the Imperial Infantries knew it, the Holy Army had already caught up and chopped them down.

“Sir, we have the cannons secured!!” one of the crusaders reported to Garland.
“Alright! Load it up! We are going to blow those birds!” Garland orders the crusaders. The Imperial Fleet soon realized they have lost ground’s support and now they had to face their own cannons.

“Retreat before we get hit and sink!” the Captain orders.
“They aren’t gunslingers, so they aren’t as accurate” one of the airmen opposed.
The captain grabs the airman’s shirt and shouts at him “Do you have any idea on how much this fleet of airship costs? Who is going to responsible for the lost later on?”
“Are we just running away to save cost, sir?! Such cowardice!!” the airman spat at the captain.
The captain instantaneously throws the airman off from the airship. The airman screams in horror as he falls to his death.
“Who’s going down next? Or shall we move now?” the captain asks the rest of the crew in a sarcastic tone. The airship crew remained silent, no one dare to oppose. And so, the Imperial fleet fled the battlefield.

“Sir, area secured.” A crusader reported to Garland
“Very well” said he. Garland then turns to Wolf “I apologize but we have to treat the injured first before we move back to Prontera, Sir.”
“Go ahead” Wolf just approved whatever Garland said. He too was tired and felt that he needs some rest. As he sat down, he started to wonder what’s going on at Prontera City. Usually, he will be summoned back when things go horrible.

....Something horrible?

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What cats are thinking

voice-over is seriously good XD

Randomness frm Abbey to Thanatos

Was trying to hitch a party to lvl at abbey at lvl114,
some random party invited me to thanatos instead...
wasnt having high hopes since the leader itself was rubbish...
in the end the leader went offline after we screwed up at the 10th floor...
thank god the remaining players were pretty high,
in the end we recreated a party and rushed up for the kill XD

guess what? seems like a 5 person party of low lvled 3rd jobs could kill thanatos!
1 AB, me ranger, 1 minstrel, 1 sorcerer and 1 Warlock
good game i would nothing even thou i MVPed but heck,
was with great company that day, even thou they were random players i didnt know
we shared the loot according to what we wanted!
one of my best memories of random parties!

too bad i didnt SS a really good screnie for this trip :/

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New headgear in J.RO

Was fooling around in LimitRO forum

someone posted this...looks cool, hope Lai will implement some of this into the server

alot headgears are getting the females will be looking forward on these

enjoy :

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Our guild 2nd MVP card!!!

OMFGLOL! After server maintainance, logged on, asked crimmy to check Detale and Orc Hero after server open for like what? 10min+? IT WAS ALIVE!!!
Partied with Sara, try to kill but both of us died when it was at 31% !!! Climax!!! Then guess what? saw Neese's Sorcerer ahhaha!!!
Crimmy came back in time, all 3 of us + one random ranger killed it, and POP!
there it goessssss!!! OMGWTFBBQCOPTER!!! I'm so happy!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Breaking News!

We went to ET again today :D
as shown, the members were Wolf, Sara, Neese, Fox & I


Well anyways, we didnt really expected to go far but....

and then....

and after that.....


And so we marched forth to face the very-disgusting-looking BZB which we almost kill UNTIL WE RAN OUT OF TIME (2% hp left!!! dajshfdbkyufrifwyfuyd)

zats all :3

Weekend Updates

Sara, Chi, Neese, Fox , Angel & I went to ENDLESS TOWER :DDD


while we were still in lv84, all the portals til lv 87 suddenly opened. So when we faced Ifrit, we were like "GOGOGO!! GET IN THE PORTAL!" obviously we failed :/ but highest floor in ET so far :D
On another note....

we took groupie pics :3

chi failed, she actually said './gawi ' but since she said it abit later then when i SSed, i guess she not-so-failed

Theme : AB class wearing ribbon headgear

Fox looks badass, doesnt he?

"I wears glasses to look at ur boobies the better, my dear" lol perv

Chi's Mechanical Grapple Surprise Attack !!

Anyways, that's all folks~

Wednesday, December 2, 2009