Saturday, June 14, 2008


What's up ya'll? nothin' much i guess

yep... looks like the forum is going pretty well, i think people are busy too, with their school stuff and work... ya, the time we started coming together in Trinity-eternity was fun, but that time was a holiday, heh

well, when we get back to RO, it'll be smooth flowing. but during the holiday, it might get hardcore, heh, it depends... currently, some of us are going to Eternity RO private server ( :

Rates: 7x/7x/5x
Town Warper: Yes
Dungeon Warper: No
Healer: No
@autoloot Yes
Price Check (@pc): Yes
Sidewalk Vending: Yes

Fully Updated Yes
Donation Items: Unstatted, Synthesizable
Anti-Bot System: Yes
Fair Experienced GMs: Yes

Well, for me, i'm having problem connecting to the server... i tried almost everything... it might be my wireless broadband, who knows? i won't be able to play maybe until the fat lady sings. jon has already started and is ahead of everone, pj is joining soon, but since he's in college, don expect him to be there during exams or assignments. amce(john) seems to miss his blacksmith, so, yeah, he misses RO. but pj and jon will be at WoW, to satisfy themselves with horde power 1st!

well, that's it for today! chow! come back here soon

Monday, June 9, 2008

The forum

Wow, it hasn't even been 24hrs, and there's already a flood post of over 200 at the forum

It's been going pretty well so far

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Re-Opening of Forum

Ahem, as new admin of the new forum (winning without any other candidates), I'll now commence the re-opening of Interceptors Forum.

Today, with the majority of members vote, I took my free time to re-create the forum with invisionfree. I was unable to design it with the traditional brown, but instead with a red/gray combination, which I think it's pretty cool. i'm sure there's still plenty of stuff i don know and have to figure it out. To have this re-open is great indeed, to have members participating in a simpler way.

Well, there's still abit more to add, and i'll probably take time to edit bits and bits of it to make it look great, but it can be used now, so it is now open officially. *cuts ribbon*

I present u the re-opening of Interceptors Forum!

Please come and join!

Reminder: When registering, your username will be ur avatar name, so choose wisely
don forget also to drop by often here at this blog too.

Jeremy Koh
Forum Admin

Saturday, June 7, 2008

One more thing

Hey poeple of interceptors.
i just wanna point out something. if can, i wud like to chat, coz i wud like to know people more.

this my msn


most of u who know, i repeat, i'm re-opening interceptors forum at invision free, hopefully also to be able to design it with the traditional brown. i assume everyone is fine, or relief with the forum re-opening. but if u have something to say, or wanna request something abt it, by all means... pls comment, or pm me on msn, i'm free to accept almost anything

Friday, June 6, 2008


*walks up stage and taps microphone* "hello, testing... is this thing on?"

I'll make this short,

Looks like there is a reviving spirit in the air this month, some of us going back RO, but in a different, but updated private server, and the forum will be brought back.

Well, i'm pretty sure i'm not the only candidate to make a forum, u can vote pj too if u want, haha!

in my forum making, i will revive and remake the forum at invision free, because it is simple and most of us are very familiar with it, and add few rules, so other people will be comfortable and not disgusted or threaten in any way. i shall commence the operation depending on... err... things... which is soon...

Thank Q



I vote jeremy and he can make the forum now. will be open tmoro guys the whole server has been wiped out so every1 is going to be a noob lolll

PJ will be in that server as well wen he gets his hands on RO >=] muahaha

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Forum Admin

ok... althought this is still early.... but the result is expected... 7-0-1 so far, it wins majority!

ok... now.. who wans to be the Forum Admin...? this "vacancy" is open to all Interceptors... and here's the details on wat we wans

1. He/She must be having wide knowledge in forums setting...
2. He/She must be having a rational thinking and open minded...
3. He/She must be having the responsibility attitude...

haha.. yeap... oh dont forget the 4th one...

4. He/She can ignore the 3 above "rules"

here u go.... go go line up and register ur name!

PJ Low

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Forum... we want forum....

There are quite a lot Interceptors members demanding the forum back..... but then... with our recent numbers of members that active... i afraid the numbers of participates are not much higher than 10... on the previous forum that done by Sky, it got less attention from Interceptors, and it gaves me an idea that Interceptors dont like forum or afraid of the same tragedy that happens to us on January 2008 where, Evelyn the Forum Admin shut it down...

With the recent talk/discussion with Jon... it do makes sense that, some of u guys.. still loves the forum... but well... a vote/poll will tell us, wat u want.... i will seek for volunteers to make a poll in this blog... and i love the style that the poll do have limited time to vote.... [ i wonder who did that? perhaps it would be Jeremy?]

and if the Interceptors member wans the forum back... i will seek for another volunteers to be the new Forum Admin.... but well.. of course.. a little "interview" will take place.. if we recieve more than 1 volunteers...

u guys might curious about this blog.. once the forum back right? well about this... i still wans it to run along with the forum.... but thats difficult right? but well... the time will tell us wat to do...

PJ Low

Monday, June 2, 2008

Organizational Structure

lol... perhaps... when someone asked u, who's the leader of Interceptors.... u guys, might pointing at me... XD and it would be still me as leader even after 50 years pass.... XD

as time pass, majority of the countries in this world are taking democracy concept...and i would like too, a democracy on our own Interceptors... so wat are ur opinion about this?

listed here are some of the drafted democracy system in Interceptors, and would be extend it after several discussion with other Interceptors :

1. U got 1 year ruling, if u win the election
2. U must maintain the guild's blog or any other communication stuff that can bring Interceptors together
3. Only allowed 3 first candidates names that summited by volunteer or "fans".
4. For every election....
i. on 30th September are the date that u summit ur name or ur "boss" name.
ii. 1st October till 29th October are the election period/voting.
iii. 29th midnight [according to malaysian time], the current Guildmaster will name the the winner.
iv. 30th October, the new Guildmaster report in for duty...

and for Interceptors member... u just got one vote power to support one of the three candidates....

and if u r curious of our current organizational structure... here u go

Guildmaster - PJ Low
Officer 1 - James
Officer 2 - Chitose
Veteran 1 - Jonathan
Veteran 2 - Jack

and the rest are members ....

for any questions or suggestions, plse stat it inside this post comments....

PJ Low

101st Post

Yep, the last post that was made by PJ is the 100th post, and this post being the 101st.

anywho, being on holiday for a week, sometimes makes it feel like i went away for a really long time. Not much chance to online. i'm currently in brunei airport now, waiting 5 long hours for my flight back to kk, then back to KL on the 7th.

lol, while being in kk, i cudn't really concentrate on playing WoW, it felt boring coz i have better things to do in kk, also that jonathan quit :( i'll probably go around looking for party to join or something. For those who do not play WoW, i'm sure u don really read the topics about WoW (maybe u do?), coz u have no clue what it is and pj made it formally written, lol.

i'd like u all to take some time and give ur thoughts about the overall recent blog posts, since the last few posts has only 1 comment or 2. just wondering if ur all busy and no time, or you don't really have much to say to give feedbacks.

Slighty Update

With Jeremy to London, Jack to China, Chitose going to enter college at June/July, Sky for Form6.... looks like Interceptors really busy on mid-2008... dont forget about Jolyn, she going to have SPM this year... anyway... wish u guys to have fun and luck in watever u guys doing ^^ .. and cheers, i heard Eternity gonna be fresh restart....

Eternity... that is the place where all of us gather and know each other....

PJ Low